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We are a market leader in Environmental Liability insurance, building on SCOR's AA- financial strength rating and on LLoyd's A+ financial strength rating and trading history to provide optimal capital relief for our clients.

Our underwriting team provides a full suite of specialist insurance products designed to protect businesses and their directors and officers against existing and emerging environmental risks and liabilities. Our products are tailored to the specific exposures associated with industrial and commercial operations, mergers and acquisitions, construction projects, property developments, transactions and investments, and lending.


Types of cover


Our Business and Premises Environmental Insurance policies protect companies against liabilities and costs resulting from pollution (sudden or gradual) or environmental damage caused by their operations. Our clients operate in numerous sectors including: manufacturing; oil and gas; electricity generation and distribution; water utilities; waste management; construction; mining and quarrying; transportation and storage; real estate; healthcare; education; agriculture and banking.

Product range
  • Premises Environmental Insurance (PEI)
  • Business Environmental Insurance (BEI)
  • Storage Tank Insurance (STEI)
  • In addition to our generic policies, we offer industry specific and manuscript wording
Coverage Highlights
  • Sudden and gradual pollution
  • Broad definition of pollutant
  • Clean-up costs
  • Emergency response costs
  • Natural resource damage (NRD)
  • Compensation for bodily injury to third parties or damage to third parties' property
  • Civil fines and penalties
  • Punitive damages
  • Legal defence costs

Optional coverage enhancements include:

  • Legacy pollution
  • Contracted work activities
  • Non-pollution related NRD
  • Transportation
  • Waste disposal
  • Products
  • Business interruption

Our unique Transactional Environmental Insurance policy protects buyers and/or sellers against financial losses arising from breaches of environmental representations and warranties, or legal liabilities for historic pollution. Our clients include private equity, government bodies and trade buyers/sellers involved in share transactions, property transfers or privatisations.

Our Contractors Environmental Insurance policies cover contractors, subcontractors and/or their clients for pollution losses resulting from specified work activities. Coverage is available for individual projects or on a blanket basis. We provide cover on a diverse range of public and/or private projects, from oil & gas exploration and development, asbestos abatement and facility management to harbour dredging, construction of ports, bridges, roads, railways, mines, dams and airports, and contaminated land remediation.

  • Transportation: Environmental coverage is available for companies that transport raw materials, products or waste, or engage others to do so on their behalf.
  • Products: We offer pollution liability cover for a broad range of products.
  • Waste Liabilities: We provide cover for pollution liabilities stemming from an insured transferring its waste to a third party-owned landfill, treatment or recycling facility.

Target Sectors

  • Manufacturing (heavy or light)
  • Oil and gas
  • Petrochemical and chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electricity generation, transmission and distribution
  • Construction
  • Water utilities
  • Waste management
  • Logistics, transport and warehousing
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Agricultural and forestry


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jim finnamoreJim Finnamore has over 22 years’ experience in environmental risk and (re)insurance, having held senior underwriting, broking and engineering positions in London, Melbourne, Singapore and Bermuda.  In these positions, Jim has underwritten, structured and arranged a broad range of environmental and climate change insurance products.