SCOR Live Review

A compelling and poignant look at some of the major events of the past year

SCOR Live Review

On September 9, 2021, (re)insurance professionals and other expert guests got together at SCOR’s head office in Paris to share their personal stories and behind-the-scenes details of the major events and headline news of the past year. 

Featuring a mix of reporting and commentary, live music and multimedia, and covering topics as diverse as Mongolian agriculture, cyber attacks and what the AIDS epidemic can teach us about Covid-19, the event brought new perspective to the meaning and purpose of insurance, reinsurance and the Art & Science of Risk. 

Watch all short stories here:

Laurent Rousseau - SCOR Live Review
Expect the unexpected

Laurent Rousseau, CEO of SCOR



Marie Laure Fandeur - SCOR Live Review
The rainfall equation

Marie-Laure Fandeur, Head of Cat Pricing at SCOR 



Gillian Anderson & Sebastien Héon - SCOR Live Review
Anatomy of a Cyber Attack 

Gillian Anderson, Head of Technology and Cyber Insurance & 
Sébastien Héon, Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer - Cyber Solutions at SCOR  



Yves Ubelmann - SCOR Live Review
Political instability and Humanity’s Heritage

Yves Ubelmann, Architect and Founder at ICONEM



Bill Rooney - SCOR Live Review
What the HIV outbreak pandemic taught me about Covid

Bill Rooney, VP Medical Director at SCOR



Sylvain Gauden - SCOR Live Review
The unthinkable Suez Canal blockage

Sylvain Gauden, Chief Underwriting Officer Marine and Energy at SCOR



Rene Kunz - SCOR Live Review
A yak business

Rene Kunz, Chief Underwriting Officer Agriculture at SCOR


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